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Carol Hunter

The Money MenderTM, has been a leading Personal Finance and Mondy Freedom Expert to women for over 30 years. Her super power is in helping women heal past money mistakes, accumulate wealth, and achieve financial freedom by maximizing their economic power. Carol is the founder of Carol Hunter Global, LLC., a coaching and empowerment entity focusing on financial education and money strategies for wealth accumulation.

She author of two books (Debt Free Forever and Prosperity Confessons), Carol has traveled worldwide, speaking to tens of thousands and reaching over 30 million households through her live TV appearances. Carol’s purpose is to free people of financial bondage and generational poverty so they can create true money freedom. Born out of her own personal journey with childhood poverty and financial bondage, Carol has game-changing money, investing and wealth building programs designed to expedite the financial restoration process and eliminate a poverty mindset.

She has been featured on TBN, and Atlanta Live, along with frequent appearances on the FOX network. She currently resides in Tennessee and enjoys the finer things in life and dedicates herself to serving those who have been less fortunate through her nonprofit Prosperity Unlimited, Inc.

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